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Juice Fast Day Zero

Hello. I am Brian Porter, and I am going to start a 30 day juice fast tomorrow. In order to make this blog more interesting, and I am going to add some photos to show my progress.  I am going to start my juice fast tomorrow, so tomorrow will be Day 1.

My concerns at this point are: Will I have the will power to make it through the first day? Will I be hungry all of the time? Will I be able to sleep? Will I suffer from Detox symptoms? Will I be able to do a 30 day juice fast?

The way that I am going to define the 30 day juice fast is as follows: I will not eat any solid food. I will only drink fresh squeezed fruit juice or freshly made vegetable juice. In other words, if it is a fresh fruit or vegetable that I can pass through a juicer, then I will drink it. This will be the only “food” that I will consume.

I have several reasons to do this juice fast. First, I want to support my wife. She is doing a juice fast for health reasons, and if I join her, it will be a lot easier for her. Second, I would like to improve my health. My health is pretty good for a 44 year old guy. I have seasonal allergies and I have some knee and back pain, but in general I am in good health, but I don’t have the energy that I had in my 20′s and I certainly don’t have the body that I used to have. Third, I would like to lose 15 lbs. Right now I weigh 206 Lbs. That is 16 Lbs. more than I weighed when I go married 20 years ago. I would like to get back to my high school and college weight to 190. Fourth, I would like to support my friend Rick who is also going to do a juice fast. I feel like doing a juice fast with other people will help me stay the course.

The gallon jar contains carrot, cucumber and lettuce juice. This will be my food for the day.

This morning I woke up having a sneezing fit. I sneezed about 10 times and I got out of bed at 6am. I usually sleep get up an hour or two later, but if you can’t breathe it makes it hard to sleep. My mouth was really dry from breathing through my mouth all night.

I feel kinda crappy today. Hopefully the juice will help the allergies.

Juice Fast Day 1

It is now 1:30pm on Day 1. I have been on the juice fast for about 7 hours now. Well really more like 16 hours counting my sleeping time, and I have consumed over 1 gallon of juice today. My thermos is empty, and I resorted to drinking a green tea without sugar to keep something in my stomach. I have not been very hungry but, I was very prepared for Day 1. I need to get some more juice to make it through the day.

Starting weight 206 lbs.

Juice Fast Day 2

Wow day one was hard.  I drank about 2 gallons of juice.  I had some fresh orange juice for breakfast and some fresh tomato juice for dinner, but besides that I had a vegetable juice blend… carrots, spinach, cucumber, lettuce etc.

For starters, I was starving all day long.  I had to drink a 16 oz juice every hour until about 7pm, and I had one more juice before going to bed.  I had a conversation with my wife about juicing, and we agreed that doing a juice fast is 90% mental and 10% physical.  I had been planning to do this juice fast for a couple of weeks, so I was mentally prepared.  If I had not been mentally prepared, I would have quit yesterday.

Besides hunger, I did not have any other physical symptoms until about 9pm when I got chills and a headache.  I went to bed at about 10pm, and I slept fine.

I called my friend Rick (who is also juicing) to see if it would be OK to have a cup of green tea without sugar, and he said it would be OK.  I also put a little bit of salt on my tomato juice.

Today I feel pretty good.  Not as hungry as yesterday… we’ll see.

Today’s weight 204 lbs.

So far today has been relatively easy.  Yesterday was so hard, that I guess anything would be easier than that.  I have not been stressed out or hungry today.  I am on course to consume about 1 gallon of juice today.

Juice Fast Day 3

I am finishing my 3rd day of a juice fast.   Today was easier than yesterday. I think my body is getting used to not eating solid food.  Last night I had a lot of energy, but I had a bit of a head ache.  Tonight my headache is gone but I feel light headed.  Today I had orange juice for breakfast, an apple juice, a cucumber juice and a carrot juice with kale for lunch, and for an afternoon snack I had two tomato juices, and I will finish up the day with one or two carrot juices.  Most of these were 16 oz juices.  I think the total for today will be about 1 gallon of juice.

I am feeling a little bit hungry, but not too bad.  My mood has been upbeat, but a little bit tired.  I am curious to see how I will feel tomorrow and the next day.

This morning I weighed 202 lbs.  That is 4 lbs of weight loss so far.

From what I have heard, the first few days are the hardest.  I hope so.  I want to get to the point that I am not hungry and lightheaded.

Juice Fast Day 4

I woke up early today after a good night’s sleep, but I was worried about work.  I have been feeling stronger emotions for a couple of days… mostly bad.  I think I am burning a lot of toxins and the toxins are causing me to have some negative feelings.  My temper has been short and it requires more effort for me to focus on the task at hand.

Weight 200 lbs.

Juice Fast Day 5

Weight 199, Weight Loss 7 lbs

Yesterday afternoon was tough.  I had back to back appointments and I didn’t have my thermos full of juice with me.  I almost gave up.  I was hungry, tired and lightheaded. This juice fast thing is all about being prepared and staying away from food.

Yesterday my will power was severely tested.  I had to ask myself why am I doing this?  I started out wanting to support my wife and friend, but they have not been as strict as I am.  Should I be less strict?  My reasons for continuing the juice fast are:

1. Cleanse my body of toxins once and for all

2. Loose about 20 lbs

3. Do something “big”. In my 20′s I graduated from college and in my 30′s I got a black belt in tae kwon do, but I have not done anything “big” for a while.

4. Motivate other people

5. Stick with a goal that I set

Today was a breeze.  Day 5 is definitely a turning point.  I was not hungry and my detox symptoms are going away.  I had a great day at work, including a lunch meeting.  I had juice.  I also went to visit Rick, and he made me a delicious juice made with Pears, Blueberries and Mint.

Speaking of delicious juices, for dinner, my wife made Gazpacho made with cucumbers, tomatoes and limes… a hint of salt and it is pure awesomeness.

I also had an apple and celery juice today that was super delicious.

Juice Fast Day 6

Weight 199,  Weight Loss 7 lbs

I am a little bit surprised that I did not lose any weight yesterday, but I can’t complain.  Yesterday was a piece of cake.  I did not work out, and I drank juice to my heart’s content.  I slept very well and my allergies are much improved.  I feel great today!

Juice Fast Day 7

Weight 198, Weight Loss 8 lbs.

In a few hours, I will be at the 1 week mark from my last meal.  It has been a long week.  Time definitely moves slower when you are on a juice fast.   So far I would have to say that doing a juice fast is easier than I expected.  I was really scared the first day.  The first day was really hard, but it gets easier every day.

Of course you have moments that really make you want to eat solid food, but most of the time you just go about your business and don’t think about it.  It really helps to be busy.  My triggers are related to smell.  When I smell food, I want to eat it.  My house is totally void of snack food and easy to prepare food that would be a temptation to me, and my wife is basically on a juice fast as well, so that makes a huge difference in my staying power.

Doing a juice fast is all about making a sacrifice now for future benefit.  The sacrifice is the pain and suffering of doing the juice fast, but the benefit is a healthier and thinner body.  I also think that most people who do juice fasts probably change their habits a little (or a lot) after the juice fast.  In my case, pre-juice fast, I was fairly careful about my food choices.   Not every meal, mind you, but a typical day before the juice fast was: juice and fruit for breakfast, a pretty good sized lunch of cooked food and light healthy dinner or salad.  Some of my short comings pre-juice fast were: salad buffets, popcorn at the movies, dinner parties and socializing with food or drinks.  I think that after the juice fast, I will eat only one meal a day of cooked food.  My other meals will be juice or raw fruits and/or vegetables.

Juice Fast Day 8

Weight 198, Weight Loss So Far 8 lbs

Yesterday was easy on the physical side, not so easy on the mental side.  My body is definitely used to fasting, and I am not very hungry.  My detox symptoms are waning and generally I fell pretty good.  The only detox symptom that remains is a funny tasted in my mouth; I guess I am detoxing through my tounge.  Not sure what that is all about.

On the mental side, I skipped my poker game because I did not want to be around food and beer.  Maybe I will be up to the challenge next week.

I have been tempted to shorten my juice fast.  30 days is a long time. I am about 1/4 of the way through my journey and my will power is being tested.  I guess I am going to keep on the “one day at a time” path.  Thinking about the end of my juice fast 22 days from now is not helping.

I miss food.

On the bright side, my health is improving.  I am sleeping well, and my energy levels are high.  My systolic blood pressure was down 13 points from when I started a week ago.  Used to be 138, but yesterday it was 125.  My seasonal allergy symptoms are gone.

Juice Fast Day 9

Weight 197, Weight Loss 9 Lbs

I am pretty much cruising right now.  Today I went to a “lunch” meeting, and I was able to get through it without any problem.  I had a cup of tea.  Of course I had a glass of carrot juice before going to the meeting.  As long as I have some juice every 2 hours or so, I am able to make it through the day without being hungry.

I am feeling fine, but I have not reached a state of super mental clarity or super energy.  My energy is fine, maybe a little better than average.  I have been doing some light exercise like walking and going to the gym, and I have not had any problems or setbacks.

Today I spoke to a friend of mine who did a 20 day juice fast, and she is doing great.  It was a lifestyle changer for her.  She broke her fast by moving into smoothies after juice, and now she is eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables.  She eats some cooked food now, but it is a small part of her diet.  I think I will do something similar in a few weeks.

Juice Fast Day 10

Weight 197, Weight Loss 9 lbs.

Here is a post about the stages of detoxification:

Now that I am on day 10 of this juice fast, I am wishing that I had only signed up for a 10 day fast.  I continue to miss food and a social life.  The biggest challenge of doing a juice fast for me has been the sacrifice of not eating meals with my wife and friends.

No weight loss yesterday.  Not much of a surprise there.

I have been really thirsty today.  I know that has to sound crazy, but I have been drinking a lot of water in addition to my juices.  I am not a purist, so I put a little honey and lime juice into my water… delicious.

My favorite juices so far are:







I like to spice up the tomato/cucumber juice with sea salt, cayenne pepper and black pepper.  Tastes sort of like a bloody Mary.

I am not crazy about kale or collard greens, but I have consumed a few for the health benefits.

Juice Fast Day 11

Weight 197,  Weight Loss 9 Lbs.

I am still cruising.  My crazy thirst from yesterday has gone away, but my mouth is still a little bit dry.  I walked about 4 miles today, and I feel great.

The only difficult part of my day was going to a friend’s house to watch him prepare dinner.  The food smelled so good that I had to go outside for a while because the smell of food was waking up my stomach, and I really wanted to eat some.

I am not afraid at all of being able to complete the 30 day fast.  I know I can do it.  I just wish the days would go by faster.

My health is excellent, and I have no complaints.  I have been sleeping very well.  I have been going to bed earlier than usual, sleeping soundly and waking up early refreshed and ready to start another day.

Juice Fast Day 12

Weight 196, Weight Loss 10 Lbs.

Today was difficult.  I had another lunch meeting, and this time it got to me.  Everyone was eating delicious food, and I had a cup of tea.  The server put down sliced sourdough bread and butter in front of me, and it was so hard not to grab a piece.  I still have not broken the fast at all.  No food other than fresh fruits and veggies that pass through my juicer.  I have allowed myself a tiny bit of honey on a couple of occasions.

If you decide to do a juice fast, I would strongly recommend watching the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, or at the very least go to the website:

If you have Netflix, you can download the movie or order the DVD.  The film is a documentary about a man who does a 60 day juice fast, and it changes his life.  He went from close to 300 lbs. to close to 200 lbs., and his rare auto-immune skin disease went away.  It is an inspirational film for people who have health problems.

Juice Fast Day 13

Weight 195, Weight Loss 11 lbs.

Yesterday was a tough day… the lunch meeting… and I was starving when I got home.  I slammed down 3 x 16 oz juices to satisfy my hunger and desperation.  When I am prepared with juices in my thermos, I can make it through the day with any problems.  When I go 3 or 4 hours without juice, it gets really difficult.

Today was easy.  No outside influences.  I was able to control my environment very well today.  I felt great.  I went to the gym and took two walks.  My only physical complaint is some back pain.  I read somewhere that when you are doing a juice fast, old injuries sometimes hurt because they are being repaired.  I hope this is the case with my back.  Usually drinking plenty of water and carrot juice help me, but not today.

Juice Fast Day 14

Weight 194,  Weight Loss 12 Lbs.

One totally unexpected result of my juice fast has been a major drop in my blood pressure.

My blood pressure is now in the normal range for the first time in many years.  This is lowest blood pressure reading I have seen for myself in the past 25 years. (97 over 71)

Two weeks ago I started this juice fast, and I am feeling great and my resolve is strong to make it to the finish line.

Juice Fast Day 15

Weight 194, Weight Loss 12 Lbs.

I am drinking about 1 gallon of fresh squeezed juices per day, and it takes about 12 to 14 lbs of fruits and vegetables to make a gallon of juice.  The reason that you use a juicer is: it would be impossible for me to eat 14 lbs of fruits and veggies in one day.  Can you imagine sitting down and eating 5 lbs of carrots? I can drink the juice made from a 5 lb. bag of carrots in an afternoon.   I am consuming huge quantities of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the juices.  Some people refer to these nutrients as micro nutrients, and the proteins, carbohydrates and fats that we consume are known as macro nutrients.

The standard American diet (SAD) consists of a lot of macro nutrients and not too many micro nutrients.  The idea of doing a juice fast is to refresh your cells with tons of micro nutrients and water while expelling toxins from your body as you burn fat.  A juice fast is low in protein and fatty acids, but in my non-professional opinion, it is OK to take a holiday from proteins and fats for a while.  I feel great on Day 15 of my juice fast.

Juice Fast Day 16

Weight 194,  Weight Loss 12 Lbs.

I have been stuck at this weight for a couple of days.  No big deal.  I would like to see 190 or below because I have not seen that weight for about 20 years.  I still have 14 days left, and I predict about 7 lbs more weight loss over that period of time.  That would put me at 187.

I really don’t think much about eating anymore.  I just know what I have to do, and I am doing it.  I am pretty bored with just drinking juice.  A salad or a piece of fruit would be a welcome change.

I am still feeling some back pain, and this is a surprise.  My back pain has definitely been worse during the juice fast.  Hopefully it will get better soon.  I hope the theory that your body cures itself during a juice fast is true.

Juice Fast Day 18

Weight 193, Weight Loss 13

No post yesterday.  I did not have anything new or interesting to say.  The juice fast is dragging on at this point.  I am past the fear and the enthusiasm of the initial results, and I am now in the daily grind.  I am not feeling hungry, but at night when I get home from work, I am tired and ready to rest.  So I watch TV and I am bombarded with Pizza and Chicken Ads, and I really want to eat junk food.

I have never suffered from cravings in the past.  When I mentioned this to my wife, she said well of course not.  When you want a hamburger, you go eat a hamburger.  I am addicted to food.  I guess when I finish my fast, I will just have to make wise food choices… most of the time.

My detox symptoms are mostly over, and except for feeling a little bit tired today, I feel good.

Juice Fast Day 21

Weight 192, Weight Loss 14 Lbs.

I am still cruising along on the juice fast.   It almost seems like second nature at this point.  I had a headache yesterday, but my back pain is going away.

I started taking some trace mineral drops with some lime juice because I feel that the huge quantities of juice and water that I am drinking are removing minerals from my system.  Since I started taking the trace minerals, my cravings for toasted bread have gone away.  No cravings at this point, but I am looking forward to breaking the fast in 9 days.

Juice Fast Day 23

Weight 190,  Weight Loss 16 Lbs.

I am really getting ready for this fast to be over.  Last night I had a dream about eating roasted chicken.  I can’t wait to make some chicken soup next week!  I have reached my weight loss objective, but I am going to continue on the fast for a few more days… I think.

Juice Fast Day 26

Weight 189, Weight Loss 17 Lbs.

My juice fast is winding down.  Yesterday I decided that it was time to taper off of the juice fast.  I had a banana with my juice for breakfast, juice for lunch and some steamed veggies with my juice for dinner.  I chose to taper off of the juice fast because I have reached my weight loss objective, and my body was telling me that it was time to end the juice fast.  Also, I have heard that breaking a juice fast with the wrong foods can be very unhealthy or dangerous.

My objective over the next 4 days is to continue consuming a lot of juice, but slowly introduce solid foods to my diet.  I plan to eat just fruits and veggies for the first few days and then I will add some nuts, legumes and grains.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Best wishes,

Brian Porter

Brian Porter

Brian Porter


I ended this past a couple of days early, but if you would like read about my full 30 day juice fast please please go to


  1. Melissa permalink

    This was a great read!! Loved reading about all the stages of fasting. I’ve done a 9 day fast before and am just starting my 30 day.

  2. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your webpage? My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a lot of
    the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with
    you. Cheers!

  3. Alma permalink

    Your blog was great! Thank you for posting it!

    I have done several 3-day juice fasts and am now preparing mentally to begin a 30-day juice fast. I recently learned that Mariano’s Fresh Market juices organic vegetables made to order and plan to use their fresh juices more than juicing myself to avoid having to clean the juicer everyday.

    • I buy juices from juice bars and markets sometimes too, but I do not buy pasteurized packaged juices when I am on a juice fast.

  4. Itzy permalink

    Today is my day 2 of juicing…..haven’t weight myself

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I really appreciate how transparent and vulnerable you were. I am ready to start my journey. Again thank you!!!

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