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Day 30


Today is the last day of my juice fast.  I am ready to move on.  The past few days, I have been a little bit lightheaded, especially at night and when I stand up quickly.  I have also felt some nausea. Besides that I have been feeling remarkably well.

The last 2 days were a bit of a chore, and the nausea and lightheadedness led me to drink a cashew milk.  I think I drank 3 cashew milks during the fast, and they helped me push through.

My blood pressure was 111/80 this morning, and I am very pleased to see those numbers.

I lost a total of 25 lbs on this fast.  My current weight is 190 Lbs., and my starting weight was 215 Lbs. This is more than I have lost on previous fast.  I think I lost a little bit more weight because my level of fear was lower than previous time, and instead of always drinking juice to keep hunger at bay, I frequently drank mint tea and sometimes homemade lemonade.  I also diluted my juices sometimes.  My consumption of green juices (sometimes with tomato) went up and my consumption of sweet juices went down a little bit.

Tonight I will enjoy a salad…. at 6pm the fast will end.

Happy Juicing!



Day 26

I am still on this fast.  The past 6 days have been relatively easy.  I did drink a 16oz cashew milk, and it made me feel better.

This juice fast has definitely been easier than previous fasts because I purchased my juices from a local juicing company and sometimes from Whole Foods.  Having a variety of juices has made the fast less monotonous.  I also have consumed a few V8 drinks.

My current weight is 191 lbs.  This means that I have shed 24 lbs. so far.  I think in the next couple of days I will be at 189.  This is the weight that I achieved on my 1st juice fast.

I have been thinking about food quite a bit, and I have been enjoying the smell of food in the office, in the supermarket and when I pass a restaurant while walking down the street.  In particular, I have been craving smoked meats.  Not sure what that is all about, but I am looking forward to some beef brisket or something like that.

I will take another photo at the end of the fast.

Day 20

I am feeling some nausea today, and I last night I was feeling some joint and muscle pain.  Last night I was considering adding almond or cashew milk to my diet.  I have not been getting any fats in my diet for the past 20 days.  I was also thinking about adding Chicken broth.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I am not a purist.  I am OK with modifying the terms of a fast, as long as it makes sense.   Adding a little bit of broth or nut milk would supply a lot of different nutrients, but not a lot of calories.

My weight was unchanged today, but I am still down 20 pounds from my starting point.


Day 18

I reached sort of a milestone today in the just fast.  I have lost 20 pounds so far.

This was a bit of a surprise to me because in previous fasts of 26 and 30 days, my weight loss was 17 and 19 pounds.

My target weight for the end my juice fast is 185 to 190 lbs, so I am only 5 pounds away from my objective.  After the first few days of a fast, I usually lose about .5 pounds per day.  So with 12 days remaining, I would expect to finish the fast at about 189 pounds.  I will be very satisfied if I reach this number.

I don’t think about food very much anymore.  I just drink my juice, coffee, tea or water and go about my business.

Some of my co-workers have been coughing a lot, and I am afraid I might catch their cold or flu, but who knows, maybe the massive amounts of anti-oxidants that I have been consuming will protect me from the bug.  I was thinking about what I might do if I do catch a cold.  Maybe I would add chicken broth to my diet?   Hopefully it won’t come to that.

The last few days of my fast have been really easy.  I am amazed at how easy they have been.  I have been thinking about juice fasting as part of my lifestyle after a 2 year hiatus.  I can’t believe that I waited so long to get back on the juice.

My health is much improved.  My blood pressure today was 116/83 with a 63 pulse… not bad for a 49 year old man who hates going to the gym 🙂



Day 16

I am now more than half way through my fast.  I feel great.  I am not hungry, and I am drinking less juice.  My total yesterday was less than 6 x 16 oz juices.  It isn’t because I am limiting myself, I just need less.

Here are 2 photos to show how juice fasting is affecting my life:


Day 14

Yesterday I went skiing, and I had a great time.  I wasn’t hungry and I skied very well.  The last time I went skiing, I was a little bit light headed, but this time I felt great.

I drank two juices before skiing, one at lunch, and I slammed down another one at about 2pm.  This was just enough.

Last night I went to my weekly poker game, and my friends were eating popcorn and chips. I was a little bit tempted, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I just sipped by juice and I felt fine.  The game took a few hours because I got 2nd place in the tournament, so 1 juice just wasn’t enough.  By the end of the night, I was really tired and a little bit shaky.  I had a small glass of wine, and that did not help at all.  When I got home, I drank another juice and I felt much better.

Last night my friend Angela asked me how I feel when I am on a juice fast, and I responded that I feel really good.  I feel a little bit slower mentally, but I feel very relaxed and patient.  I guess I feel wiser too.  Little things don’t bother me.


Day 11

I am still feeling good, losing weight and sticking to the juicefast.

My weight is down to 200 lbs. So far, I have lost about 15 lbs on this fast.

I am not hungry, but I am a little bit tired of drinking so much juice.  Today I had 2 cups of coffee, a cup of mint tea and a glass of water in addition to my juices.

A few years ago, I was talking to a young man about my juice fast, and he said he could never do a juice fast because he wouldn’t get enough protein.  When people don’t want to do a juice fast, they come up with all kinds of excuses.  No big deal to me; however, take a look at the protein content of the juice in the photo below.

It has 8g of protein, and this is 16% of the US recommended daily allowance.  So if you drink 8 of these a day like I am, that comes to 128% of the daily allowance, so the not enough protein argument is defeated.