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Before & After Photos

It has been about 3 months since I finished my juice fast, and a friend of mine is back on the juice fast wagon.  I am thinking about giving it another go.  I put on a few pounds during the holidays, and I definitely introduced a few toxins into my system recently.  Should I do another juice fast?

Before Juice Fast

After Juice Fast


I hope you have great success with your juice fast.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Brian Porter

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  1. Mike permalink

    Damn. Great results, man. I’m merely on day 3 and it is a little rough. Right now, I’m only drinking 3 glasses a day (and tons of water)… thinking I might up my juice intake to 4-5 glasses because of how run down I’m feeling.

    • Hi Mike,

      On average, I drank about 8 x 16oz juices per day. The first few days, I drank more, but towards the end, I lowered my consumption a little bit because I was used to the fast. There is no way I could get by on just 3 glasses of juice in a day.

  2. colorriot permalink

    Hi there, how long did the results last, could I ask? Thanks!

    • Between the juice fast and other healthy lifestyle changes, I lost 30 lbs. When you end a juice fast, you should expect to gain 5 lbs within a week. I gained backed a few more pounds in the months that followed, but I am 20 lbs less than when I started my healthy diet and juice fast. My weight is stable now.

  3. catherine packard permalink

    \Your blog is awesome!! Thanks for sharing I do alot of training and not sure if the juice detox would get me through some of my training sessions :) But I will see how I go your blog cerainly helped my anxiety :)

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